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Why 44i

Digital-First Integrated Marketing

We Are Driven By Your Success

This is where most agencies talk about themselves, but we want to talk about you. Your marketing and advertising success is critical to your business – and it’s critical to us, too. You need a partner that will help you understand constantly changing marketing trends, your customers’ online and offline behavior, and what tactics are most effective for growing your business.

  • Results-Driven

    If your marketing goals and objectives aren’t achieved, we have failed. At 44i, our success isn’t based on winning awards, having the coolest office, or even producing great creative. We are focused on ensuring our campaigns create a positive impact and accomplish the objectives of our clients. Our greatest strength is our ability to generate and show a strong ROI to our clients, proving the value that we bring to a project. We are experienced and disciplined enough to implement and adhere to the proper effective marketing strategies and we welcome the opportunity to prove this to you.

  • Client Success

    44i’s creative strengths start with our experienced team who works tirelessly to understand the complexity and nuances of a client’s specific industry, business, and situation. Through this experience we’re able to provide solutions that effectively achieve all of an organization’s goals and objectives.

  • Integrated Services

    44i’s list of in-house services is truly comprehensive. As our services are contained in-house, we are able to provide our clients with an extremely cost-efficient, integrated and effective marketing solution. We place a high value on strategic planning for our clients, developing and structuring their advertising and marketing activities for maximum impact, efficiency and goal achievement. Our marketing plans are developed based on client/industry research and analysis, ensuring all objectives are met, whether they be brand building/enhancement, promotional sales drivers, or public awareness campaigns.

  • Responsive

    We believe that timely, on-going communication is the key to any successful relationship, and we make every effort to stay in constant communication with our clients. Every business has unique conditions and requirements, and they often require fast responses and turn times. The team at 44i is readily available to keep your objectives on-track.

Free Custom Digital Analysis of Your Business and Your Market

Drive results with proven digital-first integrated marketing. Contact us today!

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Free Custom Digital Analysis of Your Business and Your Market

Drive results with proven digital-first integrated marketing. Contact us to discuss your business and perform a FREE DIGITAL ANALYSIS to understand how Google, social media channels, directories and more see your business’s online footprint. Our digital marketing specialists are ready to work with you to help your business capitalize on the power of digital marketing.

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