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The Danger of Buzzwords

In the ever-changing landscape of marketing, buzzwords are often overused, misused and can be quite dangerous. Overuse of buzzwords in marketing has reached a point where their impact is becoming diluted, and their misuse can prove to be not just ineffective but potentially harmful. Businesses can easily fall into the trap of hearing a buzzword and automatically think it’s a good fit for them. This blog will explain what a buzzword is, how it can help or hurt your business and what steps to take to ensure you don’t get pulled into the “buzz” of buzzwords.

What is a “buzzword”?

A buzzword is a word or expression that becomes popular for a period of time. You may have heard some of these terms through your marketing endeavors. Terms such as “thought leadership”, “geofencing”, “AI”, “content is king”, “big data”, “hyperlocal” and “brand identity” are examples of buzzwords that are commonly overused. The list goes on and on and will fluctuate depending on the advancement of new technologies, privacy regulations, new strategies and as the marketing landscape ever changes.

Are buzzwords good or bad for businesses?

Buzzwords are buzzwords for a reason; usually because they are currently popular or have shown promising success in the past. However, there is no ‘one shoe fits all’ solution to marketing a business so be mindful of what your own business needs are before diving into a new term you’ve read about on the internet. There have been times when businesses have requested a buzzword product without even knowing what it does.

How to avoid the buzzword trap:

Avoiding the buzzword trap is quite easy and can be done a couple of different ways. As an advertiser, make sure you do your research on what the particular buzzword means and what it does. If you don’t want to take the time to do your research, make sure you partner with a trusted marketing expert who knows the ins and outs of online marketing trends.


At this point, you should be fairly familiar with what a buzzword is and how it can affect you and your business. Buzzwords aren’t necessarily good or bad, but like many things, can be misused. For that reason, please be cautious of falling into the buzzword trap. Let our team of experts dive deep into your business’s online activity and put together a plan that is custom-tailored to your business’s specific needs. This will save you time, money and your business’s brand reputation.


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